AmasaGo was born in 2020, from the idea of ​​a young Sicilian entrepreneur with the constant desire to travel, discover the world and redeem herself.
After years of working in the field of travel, relaxation and pleasure, she leaps out of her patterns, and the desire to share the secrets and tricks for getting around in the difficult field of “organizing” a trip comes out.
From his long experience AmasaGo was born, which wants to be a useful tool for everyone to “navigate” at best.
In 2020, the staff received and repaid the trust of over 1873 customers who entrusted their dreams and their loved ones to Amasago.
AmasaGo from the beginning was aware of the fact that customer satisfaction and the achievement of results would only be possible through availability, flexibility together with a great passion for the internet and the world of information technology. Equally important are the continuous development of staff skills, the ability to listen to customer needs and above all the ability to interpret, understand and implement them.
AmasaGo is not the classic website that is added to those already present in the vast sea of ​​the web to book a night in a hotel but simply the means to rediscover our land, our beloved Italy.

We want to help you live unique experiences